Corrugated Cardboard Chair


Use only one sheet of corrugated cardboard to build a chair. Any mechanical or chemical fastener is not allowed. 

"This plastic flower tries so hard to pretend to be a real flower; it even has a plastic wrapper"

I'm inspired by this plastic flower from a dollar store. It got me thinking about what things are versus what they look like. How can an object or a material be true to itself? 

I realized I was trying to let corrugated cardboard be sheet metal or be plywood. I wanted corrugated cardboard to be corrugated cardboard. The idea of a cardboard box appeared. I used the handle detail, the way the tops fold in the middle, and the dimension to resonate the feeling of a cardboard box. I also studied weight supporting structures. The way it's tabbed in the middle makes weight make this chair stronger.  

Final Model​

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