Industrial Design


Whiskey set for Simon Pearce

Mood Indicator Cup

This mood indicator cup is designed during a partnership with the National Alliance of Mental Illness. This cup visually acts as a mediator between people to facilitate relationships.

VR Sweat Protection

This project is a collaboration with NASA Technology Collaboration Center. NASA has been incorporating Virtual Reality ( VR) technology into astronauts’ training. The VR headset NASA is using, HTC Vive Pro, is not specifically designed for some training contexts. Astronauts sweat on their faces and heads during physical fitness training. Humidity builds up in the headset and damages the circuitry rendering the headset inoperable. VR technology is anticipated to be used in International Space Station (ISS) during astronauts’ exercise routines. To effectively use VR, the problem with excess moisture due to sweat must be mitigated.

Floor Light 

A floor light that changes light temperature when turned. 

Chess Set

a landscape from afar

YangHe Dream Blue​


Package redesign and gift set done during an internship at a design consultancy Oracle Creative Design in Shenzhen. 

Conceptual Shoe Design​

Design, rendering, video works done for NYC based shoe company iRi.

Coffee Stool

A whimsical stool with storage space