Sleep Hat


Sleep deprivation is the condition of not having enough sleep. A lack of sleep among the U.S. workforce is costing approximately $411 billion, according to RAND research group. It adversely affects the human body, the brain and cognitive function in the long term. In short terms, It can cause fatigue, daytime sleepiness that leads to deterioration of efficiency/performance and make people less aware of the danger. Due to the increase in workload and longer office hours, more people are suffering from sleep deprivation. This product is for people to take naps during the day so they can overcome the short term effects of sleep deprivation.


Build a cube that implies a way of short term impacts of sleep deprivation can be easily overcome by taking 20-30 mins nap. The design objective is to create a human-centered design solution for people to take naps everywhere. This created environment will be easily portable and will enable the napper to be less disturbed by many environmental stimuli. interaction. 

Front-Side-Back VIEW​

Ideation/ Survey

Five ideation drawings were done in watercolor and sent out to 43 participants for a survey. All the data are shown on the right. The survey showed that people prefer wearable designs over designs that have to be carried with. Data also shows that people believe designs with cushions are more likely to help them recover from sleep deprivation. The hat concept got over 80% votes, almost three times more than other designs when asked: “which one would you most likely to purchase?”. I decided to develop this idea further. I sketched more hats, as shown in the next section, and built 5 prototypes. 

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Product Development
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typology ideations


Prototype 1

Prototype one is similar to the drawing for the survey. It is a bucket hat that has a collapsible part. I first came up with the idea of a hat from observational research. When people sleep in the train or on a lawn, they put their cap on their face to fall asleep. So they can block up part of the light and cover up their face so people wouldn’t recognize them.


Prototype 2

In prototype 1, I have the problem with collapsing the hat back because the sweatband would get in the way. So in this second prototype I learned from this Japanese hat design, where six pieces of fabric where sewed together like flower petals. This hat wouldn’t need a sweatband and would be easily collapsible.


Prototype 3

In this prototype is developed from the second one. it has a similar construction. The tongue is extended so it can cover up a person’s entire face. It is not a collapsible hat anymore. You would wear it backward like a rain hat, and turn it around for sleeping. This hat also features hidden pockets. You can stuff it up with newspapers or xerox paper or dry leaves to puff it up.


Prototype 4

After more sketching and explorations, I constructed this hat with paddings. The shape is inspired by aviator’s hats and boxing helmets. This design include paddings all around the hat,so the user can lean on different sides. An eye mask shape can be folded down from the inside to cover the eyes.


Prototype 5

After confirming the idea, I made this prototype to test the fabrics and modify patterns to better fit the head. I found this stretchy dark blue vinyl that is comfortable for the skin and also connect to the idea of a boxing helmet. A lot of decisions were made from this prototype, including the thickness of the paddings, the color of the thread, and the construction.