2TB Memory- Video

Technology is seen as an extension of man. Today with 9.99 USD per month, you can extend your iCloud storage to 2TB. We use to organize information and decide what gets filed and what gets left out. Now every random photo and video can be accessed without proper filing. Does 2TB of storage extend our memory? With this final project, I give my answer to the question- 2TB cannot be a representation of our memory and it becomes very separated from us. It exists in the cloud as lines of code and it is translated to us in the form of the pixel. In the video, I describe iCloud memory as a breathing organism that has a mind of its own.
Most footage from this video is free stock online sources downloaded from a website similar to Pixelbay. There are four pixelated videos in the middle. Two of them are recorded from random days of my life. And another two are screen recording from video games as the video game character walks through the setting.
The editing of this video is inspired by Gilles Deleuze's book Cinema 1. For Deleuze, “thought” is the process of human conscious connecting images together, like a montage in film. But montage is a lot more than editing shots or cutting shots together. Deleuze draws from Bergson that human perception filters out various stimuli and images that are not of interest, selection of images to see. This happens in the framing of an image. And Deleuze’s idea of montage refers especially to the linkage of movement images. The linkage suggests a whole or indirectly represents time. I studied Deleuze’s example of dialectic montage in Soviet cinema and tried to create a collision of shot to render a whole idea.