Initially inspired by the waterfall behind the Simon Pearce flagship store in Vermont, I imagined a bar located in a cave. I was intrigued by the solid block of ice floating on the waterfall and the water running through the ice, subtracting, and adding volume to the solid at the same time. The design objective is to create a bar set that can communicate the beauty of hand blown glass in a narrative and poetic way.

Te​xture Study

Plaster was poured layer by layer on different surfaces to mimic rock formation, textures that are reminiscent of a cave.

Textured glass and smooth glass would interweave to create an interesting surface for the glassware, playing with the transparency and fiberoptic quality of glass.

Form and Texture​

After deciding the whiskey set is going to have a double old fashion (DOF), a highball, a decanter, and whiskey stones. I did texture iterations on the DOF. I like the fluid texture on the outside and the medium-size pattern in the middle. Then, a lot of drawings were produced to find better define the set, looking at the tapper the height of each piece in the set.



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